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intimus®302 & 302cc
Whispering shredders
Scrap paper and documents thoughtlessly thrown into the wastebasket can be useful to others and damaging to you.
A personal shredder by your desk ensures total data protection.
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For all standard continuous
computer stationery formats
Medium range shredders surpasses all the criteria: modern design, easy to use, smooth running technology and a well balanced choice of performance levels and capabilities.
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intimus®852cc with hopper feed* for smooth and crumpled sheets.

Scrap paper and computer printouts should be shredded without compromise. For complete protection of business interests, not even paper waste can be left to chance. Effective data security in administrative areas requires powerful data shredders that minimize labor input.
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*Hopper feed allows wadded paper and other office trash to be shredded as well.

Safely destroys CDs, DVDs,
diskettes, Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes & LS120 Superdisks
No more worries! Outdated CD-ROM's, 3.5 diskettes or credit cards are fed into the inlet slot and shredded in little pieces in a matter of seconds. (Click picture for more products) 

Intimus Model S14.90- Industrial Shredder
Comes with a variety of cutting mechanisms. Shreds up to 140 sheets and shreds computer printouts, cartons, and carbon ribbon cassettes
The Intimus S14.90 is one of the most exceptional shredders on the market. It uses a conveyor system for maximum throughput and a special feed system to shred bound documents and crumpled paper. The mobile catch basket makes disposing shredded waste clean and efficient. It also features an optional baler so that paper can be shredded and baled in a continuous, automatic operation. This eliminates dangerous gaps in security.
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