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Mission Statement
F & E Check Protector has more than 50 years of experience specializing in the sales and service of a broad spectrum of financial equipment. We meet and exceed our customer's business equipment requirements for today and tomorrow's market.

Beverly Stanfa

We provide certified service technicians for on time, on site service and maintenance that keep you running Fast & Efficient.

Company History
In 1914, Hebert R. Hedman, a Chicago native with Swedish roots, borrowed $5,000 from his father to establish the Hedman Manufacturing Company. The firm was established to produce check protector machines that protect businesses from the common crime of forgery. Hedman's machine was the first check protector to write out the complete dollar amount with Arabic numerals in one simple operation. In addition, this first protector presented a patented process, engineered by Hedman, that printed the exact amount of the check by shredding and macerating indelible ink into the fibers of the paper. The results was a tamperproof document. Upon hearing about the Hedman Check Protector, Hedman's main competitor sent two men to attempt a buy out. Instead, these two men, Fessler & Evans, reached an agreement with Herbert Hedman to distribute his machines. This is the origin of the first "F&E".

Bill Yates founded our local distributorship in Birmingham, AL in 1969. Beginning our roots in the community of Homewood, he laid the groundwork for what our company has become today. In 1981
F & E was purchased by Robert & Katherine Arnold, with Mrs. Arnold being the majority stockholder and President. This acquisition presented our company with new opportunities, as a minority/woman owned business. Mr. & Mrs. Arnold proved to be very successful in their endeavor and owned the business until 1999. After their decision for full-time retirement the banner was ultimately passed to the Stanfa's in December 2000 making the company
F & E Check Protector Company
a division of STANFA, INC.

In keeping with the minority/woman owned business, Beverly Stanfa is the majority stockholder and President of the corporation. She brings with her over 20 years of accounting experience while Rod, her husband, contributes 25+ years of sales and marketing. The Stanfa's have made many new and exciting changes within the company since their time of ownership. With the completion of our web site in 2001, it has proven to geographically rewarding by expanding our current territory to South Mississippi, South Alabama, the Panhandle of Florida and further south to Tallahassee. We are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to better serve you, our customers. It is our sincere desire to provide you with Fast & Efficient service.


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