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Certex Model 3200

The Certex Model 3200 is the most comprehensive checkwriting solution available today. It combines the features of stand alone check writer and a computer interface check protector in one unit. Flexibility is built into the Model 3200. The unit may be programmed on site, with the keypad, to accommodate your particular system requirements.
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Widmer RS-TV
The Widmer RS adds new dimensions to the concept of productivity and versatility. The RS not only signs laser-generated checks, but also imprints labels, fixed messages-and can sign, validate, date, and count endless numbers of office forms, letters, warranties, purchase orders, and much more. Virtually any size, and any location on the page.
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Maverick® MICR III
Exception Item Encoder
With minimal space and training requirements, the economically priced MICR III encoder offers the optimal solution for exception item encoding.
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Manual Check
The Paymaster manual check protector/signer(Model 8025) gives you added security against forgery and alteration of amounts and signatures with use of dual colored ribbons.
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